Blobs are Cute, The Stellae Key and soon, Melvin is magic. This year and for the second time, the mastermind behind these amazing series, OhPonyBoy, returns to Switzerland with even more madness.


Animator, songwriter and videomaker, OhPonyBoy has released a physical album (Blobs are cute), a music series in both english and french (The Stellae Key) and soon a series filled with fun and crazyness (Melvin is Magic) which will be broadcast in french on Youtube. This year, he’ll come back to our convention to present us his work, motivations and he might even show us some pieces of his upcoming projects. He’ll bring copies of his album, so be sure to grab it as quick as possible!

What if you’ve never heard of him? Well, it’ll be an amazing opportunity to discover the personality and the craziness of this blob-loving artist.



Hello everyone

It’s time to make a small announcement and unveil our second guest!

It’s StormXF3! This young resourceful leader is known for his videos “my little Pony in real life” and also to take it up his face when he decides to take the favorite book of Rainbow Dash! Not to mention the inevitable adaptation of fiction My little Dashie who moved the most hardened of us!

It’ll be an opportunity to meet with him to discuss a little with him or even discover the mysteries lurking behind his videos.

Go therefore make a ride on its channel or you don’t know her, tighten you surprised was how this looks real.



Perrydotto will be at the Suisse Pony’s Con!

This German artist is well known in the European Community as presenter of the Galacon. She was initially only a seller at the convention, but became quite well known over time.

For the first time, she comes at a Switzerland convention as co-presenter. She will also have a stand where she will make some commissions and sell her posters and mugs.