Who are we

Who are we

This is what you might ask before coming to our convention.

Brolvetique is our name, this is the contraction of Brony and helvetique.

Our group was born on October 4, 2014. Following some discussion on forums, we met for the 1st time in order to watch the movie Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks. It’s from this date that our group has really started to evolve. We then created our forum and begin to recruit members. Until Christmas 2014 we were fifteen. We then made our first meet-up over several days. Six members of Brolvetique have passed all the new year from Friday evening until Sunday in the afternoon.

The Group has quietly flourished until July 2015. Approximately 20 members and a few small meet-up arrives. It was then that 6 members of Brolvetique went to the largest European, the Galacon. An enriching experience who as inspired us for the rest of our group. But this is not the only thing that happened to us out there. Indeed, totally randomly, we have meet Toinou, the “leader” of the Brony du Nord Est.

With this meeting, we went to the Bastion Brony 2 in September 2015. There is one thing to say, this experience has made us take off in our group and make us wanting to go much further. We thank a lot the Brony du Nord Est for this.

Now we grew up, our forum currently has over 50 members. Each meet-up we are at least fifteen or more! And each week, new members arrive in our group.

This is Brolvetique, a family!