The Suisse Pony’s Con 2 is done !

The Suisse Pony’s Con 2 is done !

Here we are, a 2nd edition rich in emotions is ending, the room is empty but our hearts are filled with joy and friendship!

Thank you for your generosity to the “Fondation Moi pour Toit” with more than 800 CHF collected

We warmly thank Ohponyboy,
Stormxf3 and PlushieCon for these incredible moments.

The Rolling Chefs for their tasty burgers.

Théâtre de Beausobre for the 2nd year in a row.
Couleur 3 for the interview

Le Poney Blanc for the publicity
Radio Brony for the live during the con
Le Bastion Brony for the donation

Our exhibitors who, for some of them, traveled incredible distances to be here to show their work.

Our staffs for their unity and their resistance

And finally, YOU, dear visitors!
Without you we would be nothing!
A small survey to allow us to improve ourselves will arrive shortly ….

Let’s meet at the Swiss Pony’s con 3 !!!!!!


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