Colour Sceem Paintings


Hello everyone, I hope you enjoy painting, for tonight we have an amazing information to communicate!

Our convention will have the pleasure to welcome Lunation, a french artist who makes amazing watercolors and acrylics paints.

Do not miss out on her marvelous stand filled with many painted wonders!

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own pony painting to ornament your room, make sure to visit Lunation’s Facebook page by clicking on the picture below.


Here’s a new stand which should put a smile your the lips.

It comes to Torben, German seller that comes with is own stand to cover you (literally) of stuff of all kinds. It offers mainly posters, bags, saddlebags, wallets or even mugs. It also sells many pillows or even a few dakimakuras effigies of our favorite pony.

Don’t miss in any case its stand if you need stuff, you are ready to found it.



Following a minor setback we have to do the announcement, but no panic here is now the Plushie Rain stand!

Young designer, it will bring a lot of plushies made hand.

But that’s not all, if you expected to find only plushies, it was wrong to know her, she will sell also towels embroidered patches and even a few other products made with love.

You can now click on this image to go see his creations: