A horde of Plushies appears!

A horde of Plushies appears!

Want even more fluff? This year, the Switzerland Pony’s Con 2 will host a PlushieCon.

What is a PluschieCon ?

The goal is simple, bring the must My little Pony plush as possible to make a large exhibition of colorful pony. To arrange this, we implemented the best relation. It is the team of the Plushiecon itself which will organize the event. They will take care of your cuddly as ever and you will restore them without any problem. This team is well-known for its organization of the PlushiCon of the Galacon, they have experience in the field and therefore are the best to take care of your ponies in the Suisse Pony’s Con 2.

How do I sign up my little plushies? Nothing very difficult, simply visit the website of the PlushieCon and register your stuffed animals by following the instructions that will be given on this one. It’s simple and fast: https://www.boa.m-l-g.info/

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