6 days before the convention.

6 days before the convention.

Hello everyone!

There’s just one week before the convention. It’s time to do a little recap of what we offer!

Every day a different post on our artist, guest activities or other.

Are you ready? Here we go!


You won’t bore at the Suisse Pony’s Con 2! The organizers have planned in addition to the stands and other panels keep busy you all weekend!

The HTC long live: have you already wanted to be immersed in a game or to see ponies as if they were next to you? It is possible with this powerful virtual reality headset!

My little Karaoke: the indispensable, it gives the pleasure of small and large, allowing you to sing with your friends the most beautiful songs of my little pony and many artists.

Trot Mania: Most known as the step mania, this game will make you dance on the music created by the community.

A large number of more or less retro games: pleasure of childhood, it is an opportunity to rediscover the past in good company games. There will be at disposal of the NES, Gamecube and a retropie (device with an emulator for several games) see some surprises.

The who’s – this mlp: well Yes, what crazy opponents, we have a who-is-what with the characters of MLP. What relax a few minutes.

MLP GCC tournament: For big fans of the game a little tournament will be organized in order to test your Deck.

Plushie Con: who don’t ever dream of a big collection of stuffed? with the team of the con plushie you we can muster a huge collection of stuffed in order to present them all together for the pleasure of the eyes.

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