2 days before the convention

2 days before the convention

Good evening everyone!

Just two days before the convention I hope you’re ready for a weekend of madness!

We did the tour of the convention, we could still tell you more about our activities, the price of the goodies of the convention.

But instead we are announcing a small singing competition! Warm up your voice, because at the karaoke, you will have the chance to win vouchers for the store Miximage at Lausanne.

Also, some people are trying to finish their my little pony panini album? Feel free to take them with you to do some exchanges during a moment of pause.

Finally, let’s talk about a sad news. Perrydotto can’t come this year as guest and co presenter. Sadly she’s being sick. Well, we will see her probably at the SPC3!

Send her your energy and let’s hope she will be able to recover quickly!

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