The Suisse Pony’s Con 2 is done !

The Suisse Pony’s Con 2 is done !

Here we are, a 2nd edition rich in emotions is ending, the room is empty but our hearts are filled with joy and friendship!

Thank you for your generosity to the “Fondation Moi pour Toit” with more than 800 CHF collected

We warmly thank Ohponyboy,
Stormxf3 and PlushieCon for these incredible moments.

The Rolling Chefs for their tasty burgers.

Théâtre de Beausobre for the 2nd year in a row.
Couleur 3 for the interview

Le Poney Blanc for the publicity
Radio Brony for the live during the con
Le Bastion Brony for the donation

Our exhibitors who, for some of them, traveled incredible distances to be here to show their work.

Our staffs for their unity and their resistance

And finally, YOU, dear visitors!
Without you we would be nothing!
A small survey to allow us to improve ourselves will arrive shortly ….

Let’s meet at the Swiss Pony’s con 3 !!!!!!


2 days before the convention

2 days before the convention

Good evening everyone!

Just two days before the convention I hope you’re ready for a weekend of madness!

We did the tour of the convention, we could still tell you more about our activities, the price of the goodies of the convention.

But instead we are announcing a small singing competition! Warm up your voice, because at the karaoke, you will have the chance to win vouchers for the store Miximage at Lausanne.

Also, some people are trying to finish their my little pony panini album? Feel free to take them with you to do some exchanges during a moment of pause.

Finally, let’s talk about a sad news. Perrydotto can’t come this year as guest and co presenter. Sadly she’s being sick. Well, we will see her probably at the SPC3!

Send her your energy and let’s hope she will be able to recover quickly!

3 days before to the convention.

3 days before to the convention.

Yeah, only 3 days left before the Switzerland Pony’s Con 2!

Here are some informations that you might find useful.

If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact us via Twitter, Facebook or by email (!

Money: we remind you that the convention accepts the Swiss francs and Euros. Sellers are free to go with the currency of their choice.

During the event, the exchange rate is 1 to 1.

Attention, only the ticket can be paid by credit card (postcard not included unfortunately)

Food truck: this year we have a food truck which will delight you. It will offer wraps/burgers/fries and something to drink (without alcohol).

Attention: it only accepts the Swiss francs and Euro tickets.

Weather: We are in the month of November, it’s starting to get cold.

So Saturday will be slightly cloudy with temperatures between 10 and 16 ° C.

And prepare your umbrellas for Sunday, the rain is scheduled with a maximum temperature of 7 ° C.

Location: Like last year, we are home to the theatre of Beausobre in Morges.

We are 10 minutes away from the train station of Morges.

This is its precise location:


The convention has covered pay parking. Plan some change to pay for the parking.

4 days before the convention!

4 days before the convention!

J-4! the convention is coming soon!

If you are afraid not to find your happiness in our convention, you may be reassured with this list of our various stuff in the Suisse Pony’s Con 2 !

Colour Sceem Paintings: the Lunation stand which is also part of the Group of the Show Stealers cosplayer!

This artist specializing in watercolors and acrylics will introduce you to his wonderful creations throughout our convention.


Torben: German seller that comes with his own stand to cover you (literally) with all kind of stuff. He offers mainly posters, bags, saddlebags, wallets or even mugs. He also sells many pillows and even a few dakimakuras effigies of many of our heroines.




Card Game Crusaders: Collectors will be pleased because Cards Game Crusaders is back among us!

Seller of many derivatives, he will bring all that’s necessary to begin at the MLP:CCG card game, but also Pop figures, and, let’s not forget, a lot of goodies.



BlueSketch: This year we proudly annonce BlueSketch! Young and talented cartoonist who draws My Little Pony as well as Steven Universe. She’ll put her talent at your service, realizing custom request which complexity will depend on your demands.




Austra: These merry fellows will come to represent their association.

Want to redo your whole pins collection? Your collection is lacking some awesome piece? Come and meet them!

And guess what? You can bring your own custom picture and they’ll happilly produce a unique pins just for you!



Dennyvixen’s: Liking the poster of our convention? She is the incredibly talented artist who did it!

She will come directly from England to present her magnificent designs and other products coming straight out of her workshop!



ArtworkTee: Draw Pony will bring all his goods from England. So you’ll have access to a various choice of T-shirt and poster each more incredible than the other!


PonetteDeFeu: This talented artist returns to Switzerland Pony’s Con 2! She will have a small booth wher she will sell her wonderful designs, or will use her talent to produce yourself your own custom art piece.




Ocean Drop: As a Cosplayer, she will bring you new cute products to make you crack!

Whether fluffy plushy key chain or small jewels. She seems ready to answer any of your expectations

And if it were to rain the day of the convention… it seems she’ll sell umbrellas.



The Bastion Brony: Brony bastion was already present at our previous convention. It’s an opportunity for you to talk with the founding members of the Group and discover the secret of their friendship.

The organizers of the well-known meet up “Bastion Brony” will be present at the convention to sell pins and stuff of all kinds.  And you know what? They are doing this to support the children’s Hospital of the region of Reims in France.


Plushies Rain: Young creatior, she will bring a lot of made hand plushies.

But that’s not all, if you expected to only find stuffed animals you misjudged her, she will sell also patches embroidered towels and even a few other products made with love.



Manic Sculptor: Scots, this talented and passionate artist will sell hand made and hand painted resin figurine.

5 days before the convention!

5 days before the convention!

Hello everyone!

There’s 5 days left before the convention. And to be sure that you don’t miss anything, here are all of our guests!

OhPonyBoy: Host, but also composer, he takes us across the universe with his musical series “The stellae Key”, or make us laugh with his series “Melvin est magique” (Melvin is magic). If you don’t know him yet, it’s time to meet him and even buy his first CD named “Blobs are Cute”.
YouTube channel:

StormXF3: Renowned animator, Storm is well known as the maker of the video adaptation “My little Dashie” based on the eponym fiction. He regularly publish videos named “My little pony in real life” or even his setbacks when trying to borrow Rainbow Dash’s Daring Do book.

YouTube channel:

If you want to discover the backstage behind his videos, don’t miss this opportunity!

Perrydotto: You probably better know her as the speaking voice presenting the German convention Galacon. She will come for the first time in Switzerland as a co presenter for our English-speaking friends, but also as a vendor. You can even ask her a comission or buy her beautiful Posters!


We expect a lot of the Switzerland Pony’s Con 2! Then don’t miss our guests who will be happy to discuss with you and share their passion!

6 days before the convention.

6 days before the convention.

Hello everyone!

There’s just one week before the convention. It’s time to do a little recap of what we offer!

Every day a different post on our artist, guest activities or other.

Are you ready? Here we go!


You won’t bore at the Suisse Pony’s Con 2! The organizers have planned in addition to the stands and other panels keep busy you all weekend!

The HTC long live: have you already wanted to be immersed in a game or to see ponies as if they were next to you? It is possible with this powerful virtual reality headset!

My little Karaoke: the indispensable, it gives the pleasure of small and large, allowing you to sing with your friends the most beautiful songs of my little pony and many artists.

Trot Mania: Most known as the step mania, this game will make you dance on the music created by the community.

A large number of more or less retro games: pleasure of childhood, it is an opportunity to rediscover the past in good company games. There will be at disposal of the NES, Gamecube and a retropie (device with an emulator for several games) see some surprises.

The who’s – this mlp: well Yes, what crazy opponents, we have a who-is-what with the characters of MLP. What relax a few minutes.

MLP GCC tournament: For big fans of the game a little tournament will be organized in order to test your Deck.

Plushie Con: who don’t ever dream of a big collection of stuffed? with the team of the con plushie you we can muster a huge collection of stuffed in order to present them all together for the pleasure of the eyes.

The Bastion Brony comes to the Swiss Pony’s Con 2!

The Bastion Brony comes to the Swiss Pony’s Con 2!

Here is the arrival of the last stand of the convention!

You probably know, it’s team of the bastion Brony which was already present in the first edition. This is an opportunity for you to talk with the founders of the Group and discover their friendship.

The organizers of the well-known meet up “Bastion Brony” come sell some stuff of all kinds and some pins at there convention.  This is to support the children’s Hospital of the region of Reims in France. If wish you to leave the Convention with the feeling of having done a good deed you know who to contact.


Dennyvixen, resourceful talented artist

Dennyvixen, resourceful talented artist

Hello everyone!

Do you know Dennyvixen? She is a talented artist and you can discover her beautiful creation at the convention.

She will come directly from England to present her magnificent designs and other products coming right out of the workshop!


find her wonderful draw on deviantart :

Essential Stuff with Ocean Drop

Essential Stuff with Ocean Drop

Need Stuff?


Don’t Panic! Ocean Drop will be at the Swiss Pony’s Con 2!

Cosplayer, she will bring you new products to make you crack!

Whether it is plushies, keyrings or littles jewels, she seems ready to meet the last of your expectations.

And if it rained on the day of the convention … it would appear that she will be selling umbrellas.

You can discover all her creations on her Facebbok or Deviantart right here.


Cutie Draw

Cutie Draw

Hello everyone!

The team is pleased to introduce to you PonetteDeFeu!

Despite her young age, she’s a talented artist and will be back at the Suisse Pony’s Con 2! She will run a small booth where she will sell her wonderful designs, or will agree to use her talents to make you a beautiful commission.

Don’t miss her!