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Banner StormXF32

Director of numerous videos and short film My little dashie, he will present to us a few demonstrations of work.
Modeling in ultra realistic 3D and animation 2D perspective.


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Coming from the north Germany, he will bring us many varied creations like sweetshirt, t-shirt, pillows, printing on glass or ceramic and more!

Card Games Crusaders

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Shop Card Games this Crusaders with are stand.


Official reseller of goodies MLP, you will find cards CGC, Figurine Vinyl, poster, mugs custom, embroidered cushion.


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Lum on the Team Lumic4

1500 x 500

Lum is a members of Lumic4 Team, I write the scenario and draw the storyboards of the BD Timey Whimey.
You will find on the lumic4 stand the BD Timey Whimey paper and posters.


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A new exhibitor will be present, we are happy to annouce you Dormin

You will be lucky to discover, this talented artist is know for her illustrations, she’s also part of the Team Lumic4 who realise Timey Wimey.
She will be happy to expose her art and you can commission her some art that she will try to do during the day.

Guest: OhPonyBoy animations and music

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we have the pleasure to announce that OhPonyBoy will be present at the Suisse Pony’s Con!
If you like 2D animations and music you gonna love his videos!
Realistor of the web serie “The Steallae Key”, he will present his work through a panel and will show a new video!
check his Animations on Youtube

The crowfunding have started!

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In order to give us a hoof on the launch of our first convention in Switzerland, a Crowfunding is implemented.
You have therefore the possibility of financing this all-new adventure!
Of course you will gain something! So like every crowfunding at certain amounts you’ll receive small gifts. You can go with pretty little exclusive souvenir without forgetting that you will help to the creation of this convention, that we all hope, will improve each year a little more for the happiness of all Brony’s from every horizon!
And to put you a little water in the snout, here are some reveals of a few of the batch that you may receive. A mere mention of your name in the book of the convention to the exclusive poster through a clock with the image of our convention (Switzerland requires !)

The ticket office is open!

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I announce with pleasure that the ticket office is open!

Two ticket are proposed to particite at the Switzerland Pony’s Con.

The ticket “simple” 40 CHF:

-Entry for the two days of the convention.


The ticket “plus” 80 CHF:

-Entry for the two days of the convention.
-A T-shirt of the convention.
-An exclusive poster of the convention A3 format.
-An exclusive pins of the convention.

Calls to the artists

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You know how to use your little Paws for the MLP stuff?

Mugs, plushies, drawings?

And well we need you!

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The Suisse Pony’s Con is actively seeking artisans to present their work during our convention.

Everyone is welcome as long as the creations remain in the theme of the series. However, places are limited. So don’t waste time, and reserve your table for the Suisse Pony’s Con!

Please feel free to contact us if you want to sell stuff: